InkWorks in Charlottesville, Virginia - Poor customer service for defective item

Not resolved

I recently purchased a remanufactured C6578 print cartridge marketed by InkWorks. The packaging claims that it is guaranteed to work with my printer, an HP OfficeJet G55.

When I installed it in my printer, it only printed in blue. I went to my troubleshooter and ran every possible test, to no avail. The package gives a website address,, for warrenty and questions. and to contact their technical support team.

When I checked it out, the only way to reach customer service is a long distance call to California. Why should I have to pay for a long distance phone call when I have already paid for a defective print cartridge, several sheets of paper, and the electricity to perform all these tests?

I call this really crummy customer service!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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